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Автор Тема: [сезон 4] Записи Майкла Брауна  (Прочитано 945 раз)

Оффлайн Dragon_47

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[сезон 4] Записи Майкла Брауна
« : 17 Апрель 2015, 12:07:06 »
So everything seems to be settled.Need to find food and to think about what to do next.
The task for the first time:
1.To find food
Found canned food and a bottle of water.
2.To explore the area
I don't know what's going on...on the roof of highest building I've chosen for inspection,they attacked me crazy,had to flee.
3.Find survivors
As I understand it,those lunatics who attacked me something infected(they have black eyes and they do not go to the contact,and immediately start trying to kill me),so you need to find is not infected.
4.To get to shore
Maybe there I'll find a military base or safe zone.
5.Find dictionary
I need a dictionary,but maybe the survivors can communicate in English.
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