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Автор Тема: Rules  (Прочитано 1853 раз)

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RP (Role Play) - gameplay associated with the topical character's actions.
Violation rp process:
Quenta - a text description of the character, including information about his life, personality, goals and aspirations, do not describe the means which provides igromehanika or expand and clarify such a description.

IC (from the English. In character "as") - is any action and words committed on behalf of your character. In other words, in a voice chat, you can only say that I could talk your character. Why do it? Imagine that William Wallace (kf "Braveheart"), played by Mel Gibson, in the heat of battle suddenly stops, pulls out from under the quilt cell phone and leaning on his famous long sword, starts talking to his assistant: "Hey man, I thought then, not very successfully, I parked his jeep. Come, take the keys by moving it away from the entrance, and then one never knows - scratch. "And all of this will occur against the backdrop of brutal massacres. The effect will be - Mama Do not Cry!

OOC (from Eng. Out of sharacter "out of role") - is the opposite of the concept of IC. That is, any actions and words spoken by a person not violate personzha and atmosphere of the game. For example, talk about dyupe, Matryoshka, servers, defeat Russian national football team - it's a way out of the role, ie, NFB. All the talk, which is pronounced role should not be used except as enclosed in double brackets text messages, for example: "((AFC, will be back soon. Without me, do not start))." In other cases, ideally, text chat should be used to describe the emotions of your character, such as a smile, juggling the shutter, etc. Example: "* Examined in front of him, grinned and shrugged defiantly shutter. *

Metagaming - use of information that your character can not know, but you know it from various sources (forum, TC, chat), and used in the game. This does not mean that you do not have something to read or listen to nobody. Just Pay close attention to the information that you hear in the TS or read on the forum. Treat carefully to what you do in the game and try not to act on the basis of the data obtained on the sidelines.

Power gaming - go beyond the role that you come up with your character. Usually this is reflected in the fact that you are not tired of running 10-20 miles, good at any weapons that have found when dealing with survivors behave like Rambo. The same applies to pauergeymingu "skillovaya" game: Game mechanics allows even seedy office worker shoot as a fighter of special forces. Using game mechanics some of the characters base their behavior on position - "I have a skill, I will lay all" when in the real world a little person is confident that he will not falter hand and he did not lose his life fighting

Prohibited wanton killing players. Killing a player must be justified and the plot or ideological.
Banned DUP (cloning) items
Banned the wearing of "dolls", a subject in the subject (unloading in a backpack in which something else is ... etc.)
Correct registration + Citizenship
If the player kicked 2 times for any reason, the fourth time - ban
If you have received a ban is the only place where you can get unban. Complaints to another section reduces your chances to approximately zero
Administration reserves the right to refuse to play on a server without explanation.
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