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Название: Seasons 3rd & 4th(28dayz later) lore
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ARMA II Lore has nothing to do with OUR plot
•All the action takes place in 2009 in the post-Soviet country Chernorus.
•Nobody knows where this infection generally came from. Television, radio did not say anything, sirens only broadcast automatic alarm.
•All planes, helicopters, ships, exposed to infection crashed. Survivors at the crash sites were not found.
•Communication with the outside world is impossible. There is only only guesses why no one makes contact from neighboring countries. It might be isolation, or maybe intentional disregard. Nobody knows.
•From the moment of infection, no one left or came into the country, so no one knows what is happening in other countries and whether they are infected or not.
•All prisoners on the island died under unknown circumstances.Most likely, the authorities were aware that the situation might go out of control and they decided to remove them.
•As you know, in  big cities 60% of the population went dramatically mad. All police officers and soldiers who were trying to contain a huge number of infected unfortunately got eaten. Those who retreated to military bases, led most of the infected to them.
•It seems that infected people are attracted to noise and loud sounds. For them sound it's like a bell around the neck of a cow.
•To date, cities and military facilities are very dangerous places.
•All those people who miraculously survived, could not be evacuated from the country. The military were so busy removing infected that they could not even hold a normal evacuation of the civilian population. There are guesses that the evacuation was carried out, but it was only for very important people.
•Since Chernorus is a poor country, most of the "brain": microbiology, nuclear physicists, etc. migrate to other countries to work, so it was impossible to identify the disease. All scientists who remained in the country were either evacuated or eaten.